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Vasectomy is a male sterilization procedure that prevents sperm from leaving the testes and entering the urethra, which prevents pregnancy. This in-office procedure is typically performed under local anesthesia. Without sperm in the male ejaculate, the woman cannot get pregnant. You can still have an orgasm or ejaculate after you have had a vasectomy and the sensation will be the same.

Is vasectomy effective?

In very rare cases, the vas deferens tube, which is severed during vasectomy, can rejoin and allow sperm to flow again, making pregnancy possible again. Otherwise, the procedure is 100% effective. Some sperm can still get out for a short period right after a vasectomy, so make sure to get the follow-up test to ensure that you are sterile so you know when you can stop using another method of birth control.

Some men get a "no-scalpel" vasectomy, which uses very small holes instead of cuts and does not require stitches.

Vasectomy recovery

It is typical to feel sore for a few days after a vasectomy. You can expect to recover completely in less than a week. Many men choose to have the procedure on a Friday so they can return to work on Monday. You can also return to engaging in sex within the first week. We recommend that you use another form of birth control until your semen is free of sperm. After you've had 10 to 20 post-vasectomy ejaculations, you should have the follow-up test before stopping other forms of birth control.

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    "Everyone from staff to health professionals made us feel at ease about our concerns and encouraged us to ask questions. The food provided after fasting tests were over, was the cherry on top!"

    - Edwin R in East Brunswick, NJ

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    "I am very grateful to have Dr. Aftab Husain and all of his staff in my life. I'm doing so well in my treatment and care from Dr. Husain. I am very happy and I thank God for him, his family and his staff!"

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